CHAPTER ONE: In the Beginning
I began scale modeling in high school because I was writing the “Great American Western” novel: cowboys and Indians. I set the book in 1880’s Montana, creating a mythical town called “Silver Rose.” The town does not exist, but I located it on the fringe of the Great American Plains along the Musselshell River, roughly 100 miles from Miles City. This land is, in fact, Indian reservation, and when the Associated Press did a feature on my imaginary little town, a woman in Idaho telephoned to tell me she’d grown up in Montana, and there was no town in that area, and she thought I should “by god” know it. It shows to go that no matter what one does, somebody is always going to correct the “facts” for you. 
Avery's Eagle Saloon
Joss House -- Weaverville, CA
First Interdenominational Church of Silver Rose

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